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At home, at work, in healthcare facilities, classrooms, stores, or restaurants, SIS Ceilings offers interior solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performance, and create beautiful spaces. We are committed to developing new and sustainable ceiling solutions, with design and performance possibilities that empower our customers to create beautiful, high-performance residential and commercial buildings. SIS Ceilings also aim at making our mother earth a cleaner and greener place to live. In recent years we are also striving for the social ______ causes like in education of unprivileged children, and providing then food.

So, let’s unite together for the betterment and well being of our society and country as a whole.

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Ceiling Innovation

SIS Ceilings are dedicated to supplying ceilings that are sustainable, durable and suitable for exterior and interior applications. We like to think outside of the box, be creative and develop an understanding with our customers. We have invested heavily in research & development with a real focus on ceiling innovation.

Ceiling Solutions

At SIS Ceilings we lay great store in the training of our technical engineers. They are on hand to work with you to deliver a ceiling system on even the most complex of building projects. Our knowledgeable consultants, experts, and project engineers work on applications of every kind and will help specify sustainable materials, design versatile integration systems, and create a ceiling topography that gives every space its own personality.

Ceiling Quality

It is our mission to create quality ceilings. All of our ceilings are designed, optimised and created for perfection. All ceilings go through a rigorous safety check to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Our CAD draftsmen have many years of experience creating ceilings that have featured on some of the most prestigious projects around the world.

Sustainability & Recycling

SIS Ceilings Architectural’s commitment to sustainability and responsible development is evidenced by our continuous efforts to address environmental concerns, improve production processes, eliminate waste and reduce maintenance. Our focus is to contribute to and educate people on designing healthier, more resilient spaces. We have been using higher ratios of recycled aluminum for our ceilings. Currently our own produced aluminium contains 90% recycled material. All our own production scrap is collected and re-worked into new valuable input for our melting processes.

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